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Intuitive Dance

  • With no pressure either to learn or to invent moves the essence is allowing the body to move freely.

  • Movements may be inspired by the way you feel, by the music or by an image or theme.

  • There are many simple and enjoyable ways to extend the vocabulary of movement and the freedom to follow what arises.

  • Improvisation-based dancing fosters emotional expression, flow and release. There are solo exercises, while those who choose to can try partner and group activities.

  • The outcome is being fully present and alive in the moment, in touch with emotions and physically expressed.

Intuitive Dance is a way of letting the body and the unconscious mind express themselves. Hence it plays a key role in Dance/Movement Therapy. It also the most widely appreciated modern dance form, as witnessed at festivals, clubs and rock concerts. Spontaneous expression through dance is highly individual, and each experience of it is fresh and unique.

5Rhythms provides a sequential structure for the improvised session creating a ‘wave’, moving from meditative to animated music and movements. Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Psychology (which became the basis for Internal Family Systems in trauma work), coined the phrase, “Lose your mind and come to your senses.”

Intuitive dance within a safe, therapeutic setting fosters trauma release.

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