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More of Stefan's Music coming soon...But in the mean time you can find some here 

Stefan's songs and music have captivating lyrics and melodies. Ripe with meaning, insight. and memorable lines, they range from lilting and poetic to edgy rock-blues.


His intricate guitaring is infused with flute, blues harp, piano, clarinet and hand drums to create a novel weave of harmonic textures.

Bethan's crystal clear voice is a perfect counterpoint to Stefan's warm husky tone. Written from 1970 to the present some songs have a timeless spacious feel.


Rain Stefan Freedman
00:00 / 04:52
Sto Perigiali Stefan Freedman
00:00 / 03:20
Snow Stefan Freedman
00:00 / 03:58
Peace on the Earth Stefan & Bethan Freedman
00:00 / 06:37
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