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Dancewise Book


Stefan's passion arises from personal history:
"Dance has been a surprising and powerful therapeutic path for me, with life changing discoveries along the way. This gives me the inspiration, as a 68 year old in the ‘harvesting’ time of my life, to chart the journey and pass on as many useful insights and tools as I can do in one book."
For decades circle dance has been delighting participants. Many teachers long to share the dances with a far wider range of people and groups. Yet it has largely remained under the radar.


Listen to Stefan's interview on BBC Radio Suffolk, talking about  the launch of 'Dance Wise', dance, music and wellbeing.

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Find Out More About The Author

Find Out More About The Book

Therapeutic and transformative qualities are hard to pin down with words. We are happy to announce the birth of a ground-breaking dance book. We hope that this is the ‘missing link’ – the credible story and scientific description you have been waiting for.

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