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Somatic Dance

  • These dances help soothe the nervous system, promote brain coherence, rebalance digestion and support other key biological functions.

  • Some are structured rhythmic movements developed from Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Breathwork and other proven tools. 

  • Approaches previously on offer may perhaps feel tedious or mechanical. In dance-form they become ‘juicier’. The routines are emotionally engaging, while the music supports with a strong rhythm.

  • Other somatic dance exercises create a practice of listening inwardly to sensations and emotions arising while moving intuitively.

  • A combination of trauma-informed movement exercises can become an ‘anchor’. This is a daily practice that gradually re-patterns the brain and nervous system toward feeling secure.

Somatic Dance is a key aspect of Dancewise sessions, inspired by and drawn from the somatic trauma release pioneered by Peter A. Levine, Stephen Porges and associates. Elements are incorporated into Contact-Improvisation, Nia Dance, Biodanza, Noyes Rhythm and other creative forms. Somatic dance movements create an ‘oasis’ of security grounded in bodily awareness. The dancer develops practical coping skills for when intense emotions, stressors, or disturbing trauma-symptoms surface.

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