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What are 'Traumasaurs' ?

They are an entertaining group of friends who resemble dinosaurs. Each traumasaur exhibits a specific problem that is typically faced by people who have survived trauma and are trying to live a full life. As they learn to accommodate to one another's quirks and challenges we laugh and cry with them.


Where do Traumasaurs come from ?


Traumasaurs evolved from humans after we almost destroyed ourselves through war. In the post-apocalyptic world they were the ones who managed to mutate and survive. In their mythology, humans are intrinsically self-destructive and disconnected from nature. Traumasaurs teach their kids never to follow the madness of humans which is inhuman.

What's the purpose of Traumasaurs ?


All Traumasaurs are developing the capacity to accept and support one another in the presence of post-traumatic reactivation. This models the vital role that friends, family and empathic others can play in thriving. We gain insights into how to handle social awkwardness and navigate the ups and downs of life.

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