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Dancing, Whirling and Emotional Freedom

Updated: Jan 24

Rumi the celebrated mystical poet was like a human wildfire and those near him were drawn to his vibrancy. Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi was born in 1207 in Balkh, Persia in what is today Afghanistan. While many spiritual people favour routine and discipline he was was moved by spontaneity. His spiritual connection was wild, embodied and passionate. Rumi channelled Divine love while dancing freely. Then words would come spinning out of him. To this day his words inspire millions worldwide with their insight and vitality. In a different setting his approach to being a Sufi would be called shamanic. Here is Rumi writing about emotional freedom and dance:


I sometimes forget

that I was created for Joy.

My mind is too busy.

My Heart is too heavy

for me to remember

that I have been

called to dance

the Sacred dance of life.

I was created to smile

To Love

To be lifted up

And to lift others up.

O’ Sacred One

Untangle my feet

from all that trap

Free my soul.

That we might


and that our dancing

might be infectious

......Rumi ❣️

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