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FAQ Funny and Awkward Queries

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Q. Hey Stefan! Why not get out and enjoy yourself instead of concocting another trauma awareness website?

A. This site has fresh insights and new resources that I get a buzz from sharing.

Q. So what got you started on this hobbyhorse?

A. It really gripped me when I realised that our society mirrors our human history of trauma, and that if we can start to release it we might perhaps ‘mend’ the world.

Q. Aha! So maybe you have a Saviour Complex?

A. Nobody can transform the world alone. This is a global team-effort and we aim to keep evolving. The more you and others get involved the more this project will thrive.

Q. Dance Therapy focuses on intuitive movement and somatic experiencing. Why are you so keen on including Circle Dance?

A. I’ve seen the power of a circle moving together in rhythm to create a ‘container’. This provides a bodily experience of security, solidarity and strength.

Q. OK, well I might be interested. So what now?

A. Why not take a stroll through the pages here. Check out Traumoves, Aspects, Videos and see which resources may be of use to you personally, or in your group work.

Q. Yup. And then what?

A. To explore in depth and detail there’s my book Dancewise (c/o Amazon) and I’d love to have you join a course for facilitators. See Events for dates

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