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The whole world reflects our traumatic history which keeps compulsively repeating. So why do we recreate what we hate? Because fear responses produce defensive-aggressive behaviours. These perpetuate and amplify our collective culture, a tribal mindset born and reborn from fear.

I listen avidly to talks on trauma transformation. Nobody speaks of dance. Yet dancing together is the oldest and most inclusive form of community-therapy. Dancing releases emotional tension, heals inner fragmentation. This helps us emerge from constriction and fear so we can feel feel more empathy.

It's hard to believe how conspicuously absent dance is in the trauma treatment resource-pool. The ‘oligopoly’ who dominate this important global discussion may mistakenly imagine that dance is not widely accessible, or is too competitive. They seem unaware of the multiple coherences, scope for emotional release, safe tactile contact and interpersonal (social) aspects.

I feel passionate about making the dancing 'elephant in the room' visible in these many global forums. I plan to produce an in-depth, evidence based article to open this door. Those interested to team up to take this forward please contact me. X

Stefan Freedman

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