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Moments of Wisdom

Written by Diane Elizabeth Pilbro (Ellie) Inspired by dance and music.

Thirst, that can not be quenched,

Endless food to be eaten,

A sound that resonates,

Its music; an ethereal wave,

Into an ocean of delirium,

Intoxicating, luscious, longing,

Need or desire, a wind so strong,

Tree steadfast, but can not hold,

Forests echoing with laughter.

A smile, jet eyes laughing,

Moonbeams reflect a mutual tone,

Drums, drums never enough

Symbols crash, sticks on skin

Dance rhythm pulsates,

Breaks the silence,

Makes one wonder in whispering wind,

Gift of love, now, if only a

Communication pathway is allowed.

A journey, fast pace running,

Fighting, flavours of delight,

Pines, forests, visions in our minds,

Mountains of fresh air beyond ourselves.

A realm of stars kissing the moon,

Wind echoing through our senses,

Breathing new life into weary bodies.

Languages of the world mingle and grown,

Lakes, the depths, the ripples, no shadows fade,

A night, day, nothing shall ever take,

Connection of knowledgable,

Insight, that's oh so bright.

Until twilight turns to dawn,

The recurrent dream whatever the time,

Time being infinite and true,

Unexplained phenomena,

Nothing should break this magical spell.

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