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I have a chronic disease, but enjoy good health. I mean dis-ease. I won't allow myself to ease off the accelerator, to take it easy.

Why on earth not? Everyone needs R&R so, seriously, I should build it in each hour of every day. I must get far more organised, time-efficient, disciplined in order to create precious times of ease. Must strive harder!

Damn! You see how it goes? To ease off is not straining. Not about heroics. Actually it's the 'Hero complex' that causes dis-ease.

I feel a drive to prove my worth, to fight for attention, to give so much that people will adore me. This motivates development but there a stink in the tale! It becomes a kind of self-bullying. It's never the time or place to feel content. Day and night you must try, and your quest can never be completed.

So my dear friends I am invoking the spirit of kindness and wisdom to heal the inner child's anxiety. In case your inner child recognises this story, with all my heart I wish you ease too.

I hereby grant myself the REST of my life. I will stay active with effortless flow, surfacing for a slow breath. I pause to savour life's galaxy of moments. I let life cuddle me in her exquisite embrace.


Are you picturing the new me daydreaming on a hammock for weeks on end? That might actually feel like torture! My heart, mind and soul thrive on developing skills. I relish sharing my passions, including dance, music, cooking, and massage. But today I want to reveal the relentless side of being a busy bee.

My aim is a healthy, happy balance. May Yin and Yang complete one another.

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