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The Mask We All Wear

I am an island. Where all who visit are tourists, transient and allowed only a look at the glitz and glitter, never a glimpse of the infrastructure that makes up the whole.

Every morning, we wake up and for many of us, as we walk out the door we don our persona, the person we pretend to be because after all, if we pretend enough, maybe we will become that version of ourselves that the wider world sees. Why do so many of us feel that we are not good enough as we are? That some building block is missing, that somewhere along the line we lost our way.

That sense of disconnect is very real. We separate our mind from our bodies in the most extraordinary ways, yet our minds and our bodies are one and what happens in the physical has a profound effect on the mental and visa versa. Massage therapy can help lessen the divide between the mental and the physical and bring about the understanding that synchronicity is key to letting go of the holding patterns of pain that reside in your body and indeed your mind.

Touch is powerful it has the ability to harm as so many of us know. It has the incredible ability to heal as well, if you allow it. On a physical level massage can decrease pain, boost the immune system and improve range of motion, on the mental level it can improve sleep, reduce anxiety and most importantly promote the feelings of overall connection between the mental and physical, allowing the understanding that we really are integrated beings.

You may need to see a few massage therapists before you find your perfect fit and I certainly would encourage you to do so. As individuals we don’t all get along with each other and sometimes a personality clash has the potential to derail the process.

So, what are you looking for in your perfect place? As one client put it … it feels like home.


Blog by Kerry DuRandt. For contact details > More info about her work on our ‘Team’ page.

Kerry is a holistic bodyworker.

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