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Our human collective is grieving. Many of my generation have been part of the peace movement since the ‘60s, and the environmental movement since the ‘70s. After all the work and all the breakthroughs we are witnessing the horrors of war with mass displacement, and facing an environmental crisis. This is the background to an international cooperative project I am coordinating. The focus is on dance and the arts in the service of trauma release, to underpin a shift in our culture towards empathy and mutual-caring. In early societies dance played a pivotal role. Coordinated group movement to rhythmic music has a visceral power. Dancing restores coherence to disturbed brainwaves and nervous system functions. It brings people into an unconditional sense of belonging and mutual support. Dance provides a cathartic release of pent up emotions and then a soothing meditative experience. This is the root of our research and resource sharing.

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