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The Invisible Dance

Dancing rouses all the slumbering ghosts in your mansion. Senses tingle, imagination darts, and passions flush your cheeks. Spellbound by rhythms and intricate geometries, your day to day worries vanish. You are totally present.

Music floods the mind, evoking moods, memories and sensations. The pulse compels the dancer to dive into a sparkling stream of motion and sensation. There is no concern about the future, no time to dwell on the past. The dancer moves like water, fire, wind. You are now an animal, now a God. You have the feet of a mountain and hands like raven feathers.

Dance provides a cathartic release from physical and emotional stress. It can leave you feeling serene, emptied of anxieties. There is total engagement as the moves

change direction and you keep your balance. There are no more words.

My fascination is with the internal experience, the ‘invisible dance’, that accompanies the body movements.

- from Stefan Freedman’s book, DANCEWISE See

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